2010 ‘Portrait of the Queen’ for Queens’ College Cambridge by James Lloyd

James Lloyd completed this portrait for Queens’ College Cambridge. He was particularly struck by the hand-painted Chinese wallpaper and used it to construct the iconic aspect of the image. The Queen is depicted as occupying the space described on the wallpaper, which acts as part illusionary backdrop and part imagined landscape, flattening the surrounding space and pushing the concentration onto the figure. “I have tried to portray the Queen as I found her – warm, human and engaging, and have attempted to convey her calm, insightful gaze. The positioning of the hands, with a sense of slight movement in the fingers, also hints at the person within.”

Commissioned for Queens' College, Cambridge

'Her Majesty The Queen' for Queens' College Cambridge by James Lloyd RP 2010/11

                                                                      Study for the Queens’ College portrait of Her
                                                                            Majesty the Queen by James Lloyd

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