2010 ‘Portrait of the Queen’ for Queens’ College Cambridge by James Lloyd

James Lloyd completed this portrait for Queens’ College Cambridge. He was particularly struck by the hand-painted Chinese wallpaper and used it to construct the iconic aspect of the image. The Queen is depicted as occupying the space described on the wallpaper, which acts as part illusionary backdrop and part imagined landscape, flattening the surrounding space … Continue reading

2003 Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen for Oriel College, Oxford, by Jeff Stultiens

This painting was commissioned in 2003 by Oriel College, University of Oxford, to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Coronation and the Queen’s long association with the College. Jeff Stultiens RP Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II: A Preparatory Portrait by Jeff Stultiens

2000 ‘Royal Family’ by John Wonnacott

‘Royal Family’ for the National Portrait Gallery 2000 by John Wonnacott The two drawings were made as preparatory studies for my 11ft+ Family Painting commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to celebrate the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday. This project occupied me full time for about a year, working almost every day in the Palace making … Continue reading

1999 Her Majesty The Queen for the Royal Hospital Chelsea by Andrew Festing

The portrait, now in the Royal Hospital Chelsea Museum’s entrance hall, depicts a smiling Queen gazing towards a window dressed in robes for the state opening of Parliament and two Chelsea Pensioners. Andrew Festing spent nine months working on the portrait and said the Queen had been easy to work with: “She is enormously helpful … Continue reading

1998 ‘Her Majesty The Queen’ for Shell International Robbie Wraith

Diary Extracts (copyright Robbie Wraith) February 1998 First visit to Buckingham Palace. At the gate I am directed across the front courtyard to the Privy Purse door – the marching band appears, playing yellow submarine and I only just make it across. There is a doorbell… A small waiting room, then Sir Robin Janvrin takes … Continue reading

1997 H M The Queen For the Royal Automobile Club Centenary by Susan Ryder

In 1997 I was shortlisted to paint a royal for the Royal Automobile Club’s centenary.  I was surprised to have been selected.  The selectors had to ask me if I wanted to know which royal I would be painting – it was one of the most memorable moments of my life.  The RAC wanted the Queen … Continue reading

1997 Her Majesty the Queen with Prince Philip for Readers Digest by Tai Shan Schierenberg

1996 H M The Queen by Antony Williams

This painting is unusual in that rather than being commissioned by family or an institution, Antony carried out the commission as part of the Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture, which he won in 1995. I had six sittings with the Queen, of up to 90 minutes each, but the painting took about three months to complete. … Continue reading

1993 ‘H M The Queen’ for the Adjutant Generals Corps by John Edwards

Having seen portraits by Thomas Lawrence, I wanted to paint the Queen in red velvet but sadly she did not have a velvet dress so I compromised and chose a red dress which was not velvet.  The shawl was my shawl, which I brought to break up the red. On one occasion I dropped my … Continue reading

1991 ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’ for the Royal Military Academy by Andrew Festing

  The painting of HM The Queen by Andrew Festing was commissioned in 1991 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Military Academy.